Large Format Tiles

If you are interested in any of the large format tiles listed above, contact Tileanna

Large Format Tiles at Tileanna

At Tileanna, we are one of the leading tile wholesalers in Ireland. We have one of the largest collections of large format tiles in Ireland. Our warehouse in Kildare stocks a wide range of tiles, including large format tiles, from the world’s leading brands and manufacturers.


Tileanna has over 30 years of experience selling tiles such as large format tiles. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are on hand to offer advice and to answer any queries you might have, and to help you choose which large format tile is best for you.

Contact a member of the Tileanna team for more information about our large format tiles, or visit our Kildare-based warehouse to see our wonderful collection of large format tiles.

Large Format Tiles FAQ

  • What brands of large format tiles are available?

    Tileanna tile wholesaler provides Maison tiles and Unique Tiles, such as the Maison Silver and Maison White tiles.

  • What are the dimensions of large format tiles?

    Each tile is different, but our Maison tiles are 60cm x 120cm, for example.