Ceramic Tiles

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Ceramic Tiles at Tileanna

Tileanna’s range of tiles includes a stellar selection of ceramic tiles. These ceramic tiles can be found at our Kildare-based warehouse, along with our other tile collections. The ceramic tiles we choose have been carefully curated so that you only receive the finest products, and excellent value for money.

With over 30 years of experience as a tile wholesaler, Tileanna’s expert team are highly knowledgeable, and on hand to offer any necessary advice or recommendations to help you pick the perfect ceramic tile.

Contact Tileanna today to learn more about our collection of ceramic tiles, or visit our warehouse in Kildare to see it in person.

Ceramic Tiles FAQ

  • What range of ceramic tiles do you offer?

    Our ceramic tiles come exclusively from the Unique collection, available in striking white colours.

  • What other tile materials do you offer?

    We also offer a range of porcelain tiles, available in a selection of sizes and styles.